Everything related to Infrastructure Management


We focus on geo asset management and everything related to it. A huge task. But that’s our job.

Geo asset management

Our users’ assets (capital goods) are always geospatial and involve large volumes of factual data. All this data is processed by diverse specialized systems, placing high demands on management.  Our solutions make this sheer unsurmountable task manageable - even when huge infrastructures are being managed. The subject of “GIS without GIS” comes to mind when talking about user-friendly solutions. But what does that mean?


GIS without GIS

First of all, GIS without GIS describes a  cost-effective solution. There is no need for large investments in high-priced special software (geoinformation systems) or, what is even more costly, in the development and training of human resources.
Our aimPort portal solution makes all of this unnecessary while offering demanding geofunctionalities at the same time. The solution is web-based and can be operated by non-specialized employees after a very short time already.
aimPort is accompanied by other subject-related solutions, such as process management and comprehensive packages that enable you to kill a whole flock of worries with one stone. Are you ready for a new era of management? Contact us, we’ll be glad to help you!