aimPort - Geo Asset Management Software for managing heterogeneous Infrastructures


A complicated term for a simple system. However, its structure and operation are all that is simple about aimPort. The technology and functionality are very complex.


The aimPort highlights

A Google Maps look and feel
This immediately eliminates the usual obstacles. Even users who are IT laymen are familiar with the interface and functions of many consumer applications.

Easy to use
Learning by doing, thanks to intuitive user guidance. Minimum training required.

Powerful zoom properties
Impressive and even fun to use: Zoom into the interior of a building and explore its properties with aerial photographs!

A pure web application
All you need on the client server is a browser. As a result, aimPort can be used on any workstation, and even as a mobile application.

Industrial standards
aimPort is based on Oracle technology, which guarantees a high level of investment security and is integrated into many IT structures.

GIS without GIS
aimPort offers full GIS functionality without being a GIS This eliminates the need for special GIS software, thus keeping license costs low and saving on other costs as well.

Integrated user management
Heterogeneous corporate structures require comprehensive user management. They can conveniently manage users, groups and their roles and rights online.

Full integration into your company's IT landscape
Isolated solutions are a thing of the past. In addition to using standard databases, aimPort also offers interfaces to SAPEVENTS and other ERP systems and specialist systems.

The standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) are considered the state of the art. aimPort offers Web services conforming to the OGC standard, thereby lowering your costs.

Software that grows with your needs
The modular architecture makes it possible to implement many special features as well as any additions and extensions that may be needed or requested later on.