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Focus on the Essential Tasks


It’s the result that counts.

g.on is the right partner for your company if you have a clear idea of your goals. We concentrate on what we do best and don’t waste time with frills. Our product planning is based on the question, “What do our customers need?”

Our core target group includes site managers of airports, industrial facilities, chemical industrial parks and business parks, residential communities, energy suppliers and public administration. We offer these users customized solutions with our web portal solutions and the associated services ranging from data management to process analysis.

g.on's staff of 30 works in small units. With all the resulting benefits: The time that would otherwise be lost in hierarchical structures is used meaningfully, thereby directly benefitting our customers. The project teams consist of qualified experts, each of whom is vested with direct responsibility, to the effect that they have a decisive share in the final result.

We don't need to reinvent existing solutions that have been proven thousands of times. That is why g.on works in many different fields (e.g. business software and databases) and with notable partners who are usually leaders in their branch of industry.